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About Me

Austin, TX

Filler text for now: I was attracted to Bones & Co. originally because it was local.

Then, I started doing some research. Bones & Co. is all about DOGS! Seriously, their values begin with DOGS FIRST! They have a higher goal than selling dog food – it’s about changing the lives of pets around the world through nutritional education and passion.

I’ve met the employees and the owner. They are amazing people (I like to call them MY PEOPLE). Who wouldn’t want to support that!

Obviously, the food is phenomenal, but knowing you can trust the values of the people behind the food is priceless.

Why I Feed Raw

Filler text for now: the only challenge is, just like the healthy foods we buy for ourselves, it is more costly than the cheap, unhealthy stuff. You do what you can, so you feed a little raw here and there, add a raw egg, throw in some Bark Boost – whatever you can do.

How I can help

Filler text for now: The best thing is knowing you are giving them the best!


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