Do It Yourself Raw Ketogenic Dog Food

Story takeaways: 

  • Raw, Ketogenic food is optimal for overall well-being and health in dogs 

  • To formulate raw Keto food in your own home, you will need to calculate fat, protein, and carb ratios by gram to promote Ketosis in your dog

  • Even if you’re not ready to transition to all raw, Keto food, our supplements can BOOST your dog’s health, giving them the nutrients they biologically require 

A vital part of B&C’s mission is to EDUCATE pet parents about dog nutrition.  

While we, of course, sell dog food...our actual goal is to promote a Ketogenic lifestyle for dogs because we believe it will help dogs live healthier and longer lives.  

Not sure what Keto is or what the benefits are? Check out our What Is Keto article! 

There are a few ways to get your dog into Ketosis (a metabolic fat-burning state). 

  1. Use a raw dog food that has a maintenance Ketogenic formulation of 1:1 healthy fats: protein + nutrients (like B&C’s food)

  2. Do-it-yourself (DIY) at home by using high-quality ingredients and a proper formulation/recipe

We want to promote a Ketogenic lifestyle for your dog, no matter HOW you do it.  

…That’s because Keto is not a diet, not a fad, but a metabolically-appropriate food that promotes overall well-being.  

We are determined to share this Ketogenic information with the world: that way, we can feed our dogs, better.  


When setting out to formulate a Ketogenic meal for your dog at home, it can be a little bit overwhelming.  

In this video about making homemade dog food, Rodney Habib and Dr. Karen Becker share that the main reasons people don’t want to feed raw/Keto are because: 

  1. They are worried they won’t have a balanced recipe

  2. They are worried it will take too much time to make

YES, feeding raw is more difficult than feeding kibble.  

& YES, feeding Ketogenic raw food is more difficult than feeding raw.  

But feeding dogs REAL, METABOLICALLY-APPROPRIATE FOOD is so worth it



To feed a properly balanced nutritional (1:1) Ketogenic meal at home, you’ll need to: 

1.  Figure how many calories to feed your dog based on weight and activity level

2.  Figure out the proper ratio of macronutrients:  

FAT (in grams): PROTEIN (in grams) + CARBS (in grams – note: there should be very few)

3.  Determine what meat, fat, and vegetables you will use 

4.  Calculate HOW MUCH of each ingredient YOUR dog should have (based on their desired weight + level of activity) 


An example meal might look like this

(Borrowed from this guide by KetoPet Sanctuary President Daniel Orrego):  

Dog type: Nine year Old Chow/German Shepard mix  

Dog weight: 60lbs with a Body Score of 6 (slightly overweight) 

Activity level: Moderate daily activity  

Recipe: MEAL 1 OF 2, DAILY  

  • 80/20 Raw Ground Beef 110 grams  

  • Coconut Oil 20 grams  

  • Fresh Raw Broccoli 6 grams  

  • Fresh Raw Red Cabbage 6 grams  

  • Total daily Calories (across 2 meals served): 893kCal, with a 2:1 Ketogenic Ratio, at 15 calories per pound  

  • Daily Total: 82grams FAT, 38grams PROTEIN, 1grams NET CARB 

If you want to formulate Ketogenic food for YOUR dog, check out this comprehensive guide.  



If you’re not interested in formulating your own Keto-friendly dog food, the Bones & Co. has frozen raw dog food that is all KETO APPROVED.  

Of course, YOUR dog’s age, weight, and level of activity will all be factors that will affect their ability to go into Ketosis. For example, a dog can go into Ketosis simply by fasting! 

B&C raw Ketogenic food is all formulated to put your dog in the best place to use fat for fuel.  



At B&C, we understand that some pet parents aren’t ready (for one reason or another) to move to completely fresh, raw, Ketogenic food for their dog.  

While it’s not possible to get into Ketosis while feeding high-carb kibble, B&C’s toppers like Goat Milk, Bark Boost, and Beef Bone Broth can help add vital nutrients to either kibble OR DIY raw food.  

  • Goat Milk: helps with digestion, enhances hydration, and contains healthy probiotics 

  • Bark Boost: cold-pressed greens make nutrients more bio-available; contains turmeric + ginger for powerful anti-inflammatory effects 

  • Beef Bone Broth: strengthens joints and supports digestion 

ALL of these supplements are Keto-friendly, so top away! 

At B&C, we strongly align with Dr. Karen Becker regarding feeding fresh, raw Keto food to dogs:  

“If you can afford to feed one or two fresh meals a week, there will be health benefits! Every time you replace a dead food with a fresh food, you are improving your pet's health. Feeding one fresh meal a day (and one entirely processed meal) provides substantial health benefits to your pets.” (source)



We want to be a resource to YOU: a pet parent trying to do what’s best for your dog.  

Whether you feed your dog with B&C food, make your own raw dog food, feed kibble, or do a combination of all of these...we are here to help.  

While we always, always advocate for biologically-appropriate, REAL dog food with metabolic integrity, as Dr. Karen Becker puts it: the more fresh food, the better. Our goal is to bring to light the power of raw food and unite a raw, Ketogenic community together.

At the end of the day, we are here for you and our mission is to improve your dog’s life. We do this by bringing to light the power of raw food and helping connect passionate pet parents together.  

JOIN OUR COMMUNITY of raw, Ketogenic Dog Food Rebels to learn more about raw feeding and get insider tips & tricks about Ketogenic dog food.  


Your B&C Tribe

Have specific questions about your dog’s health? While B&C cannot give medical advice, we recommend seeking advice from a Holistic Veterinarian for your best furry friend (BFF). B&C is here to be a resource for you while you learn more about raw food, Keto, and dog nutrition!

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