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What is a ketovangelist?

A pet parent, just like you!

They are volunteers dedicated to dog health. With only TWO of us in B&C, we need all the help we can get.

We are humbled & thankful for the support of our customers wanting to support others beginning their journey to raw.

That said, meet Meghan!

AREAS OF experience INCLUDE:

keto and ketosis

I work in human medicine and do Keto for my patients! It also happens to be my personal lifestyle and my dogs’ lifestyle.

Feeding + traveling with raw

I have experimented with so many forms of raw since starting raw feeding! I also enjoy camping and so do my dogs! We travel with raw and I’m able to give advice about this.

Dog behavior

I can speak to the benefits of raw to help behavior change in dogs.


About Me

📍 Temecula Murrieta Valley, CA // Agility instructor, behavior instructor, and owner of Rebel Dog Training

Our raw food story begins about a year ago when my Australian Shepherd passed away due to Taurine defiency caused by kibble. His name was Skip and he was a fabulous rescue turned service dog. He passed due to DCM: a cardiac disease that took his life in the end. One week later my JRT Jaxie was diagnosed with cancer—mast cell tumors. She had immediate surgery for removal with concerns of metastasis. A week following her first surgery she was under the knife again for a second tumor this time dangerously close to her lymph nodes.

After a ton of research I knew that kibble was no longer an acceptable choice of food for my dog. The high heat used to create kibble was a factor in Jaxie’s allergies and subsequently in her cancer. I did not immediately jump into raw, however, it took the convincing of Dr. Karen Becker’s resources and the Keto Pet Sancturary to get me to jump two feet in or rather four paws in!

After changing to Keto and raw, Jaxie lost 2 lbs of weight we had been fighting to keep off, her allergies decreased dramatically, and her behavior was ten times better. She is an already very active dog that struggled to keep the weight down and we exercise daily and compete at an elite level of agility. She is able to continue to compete and best yet she has been allergy free most of the year with no steroid injections x 1 year and no cancer!

We had an issue with her having some liver issues prior to Keto. A month on Keto with no drugs she her liver enzymes returned to normal. She is able to tolerate other dogs bumping into her and being in her space whereas before I honestly believe her behavior was because she felt so poorly and her skin itself was so sensitive that any touching was a painful stimulus.

If it wasn’t for raw and Keto, I am not sure I would still have my best friend by my side.

I still wish that I had been able to make this change sooner in order to save Skip’s life but at that time I was under the belief that I was feeding the top of the line food. I was paying handsomely for a grain free kibble that costed me something so dear to my heart and my life. But I am forever thankful for the knowledge provided by Dr. Karen Becker, Keto Pet Sancturary, and Bones & Co. regarding canine nutrition.

Why Bones & Co.?

I started raw by formulating my own for Jaxie based on her requirements as calculated by the Keto Pet Sanctuary. She thrived on the raw nutrition and seemed to love it.

I was introduced to Bones & Co. through a Facebook post made by my local pet food store and the word Keto caught my eye. I went straight over to the store and asked a million questions and went home with two bags of food to try. I have never looked back since that day!

I test Jaxies’s ketones and she has remained in ketosis while following her protocol with Bones & Co. The sources of meat and ingredients are better quality then what I was getting access to here at my local butcher shops and it is already portioned for her meal in the mini patties. There is no thinking involved when prepping food for my dogs now and even if I happen to be working a late night family is now able to feed the dogs without asking a million questions on the serving size.

Plus my picky eater, Marlie, now enjoys all the flavors including beef which she had previously been turning her nose up to!

For me Bones & Co. provides peace of mind in the ingredients and a formulated Keto diet. it’s just so easy and affordable!

How I can help

I offer training classes with break out seminars & I am happy to add a raw food seminar to my list! I am available via social media, Facebook events or lives, and Instagram live. I am always up for a coffee break too!



Ketovangelists are not B&C employees but influencers in the community eager to walk with you on your journey to, or through, feeding raw fresh food. While we greatly support & respect our Ketovangelists, we recommend that you consult a professionally trained pet health expert if you have concerns. But if you're looking for a shoulder to lean on, our tribe's got you! We believe in the power of community, and we look forward to foster more connections.