I am Cheryl Peterein, a veterinarian and member of the American Holistic Veterinary Association.  I have been researching the use of raw diets for my patients since Dr. Billinghurst came to our AHVA meeting in 2002.  He came from Australia to educate us on the benefits of raw diets in canines and felines.  

The difficulty I had was finding someone I trusted to provide a healthy raw diet for my patients and my pets.  I was very happy to find Bones & Co. and have witnessed the amazing improvements in the lives of my own pets and my patients.  My own 12 year Jack Russell was slowing down due to age.  Shortly after having her on Bones and Co., she is running and playing like a puppy again.

Not only am I seeing this improvement with my pets, but I am seeing the same results with my patients.  I love hearing hearing from my pet parents how well their fur babies are doing on Bones and Co.  I never get tired of hearing and seeing the benefits and improvements of having my patients on the actual natural diet they need to thrive.

- Cheryl Peterein
veterinarian and member of the American Holistic Veterinary Association


After losing my boxer to cancer and grieving for months I finally decided to get another dog. I made up my mind I was going to do my research and find a breed that was not prone to cancer. In the process of this research I discovered the raw diet movement. It did not take me long to decide this is the way I wanted to feed my new family member. I now have two little four legged buddies who love your food. They get so excited when they know it is time to eat and are doing wonderfully. I also feel good about keeping my money in our community. Thank you for the quality of this food.



I started feeding your chicken formula to my senior Lhasa Apso, Emily, about a month ago. She is going to be 14 years old this year. For the last five years her labs have been abnormal, I've tried milk thistle and other homeopathic remedies. They helped a little but not much. Two and a half days after I started feeding her your raw food, she had a vet appointment. I was shocked when the vet didn't need to talk to me, then I saw why when I saw her lab results---absolutely normal. Emily also has more energy and seem happier. While your product is expensive, what I've seen makes it worth every penny. You have probably added years to my Emily's life.

New Braunfels, Texas


Colbie loves The Bones & Co.! Currently feeding her your raw lamb and a scoop of Bark Boost. Best food for a biologically appropriate diet! Thanks for creating a fresh, high-quality, LOCAL product!

 Tomball, TEXAS


I started my puppies on your food an now they won't eat the other stuff!





Our food is available in Independent Pet Stores throughout the country a detailed list can be found HERE.  If your favorite store is not on the list be sure to let us know.


Why should I feed a raw diet?

A raw diet consists of all the best protein and nutrients your pup needs to thrive. 

We also dig that a raw diet: 

  • Improves digestion 

  • Naturally enhances dental health 

  • Reduces allergens
  • Improves palatability (especially for those picky eaters!)
  • Creates smaller stools (and less smelly ones too!)
  • Helps your pup live a longer and happier life with you 
  • Helps lower vet bills by providing better overall health & wellness 
  • Offers better weight control 

What’s wrong with commercial dog food?

It’s not real food. Ordinary dog kibble is made with by-products, fillers, preservatives, and inferior products. In fact, many dog food manufacturers use sub-quality rendered meat from dead, dying, diseased, or disabled animals—meat that isn’t even fit for human consumption. Commercial dog foods contain excessive carbohydrates that dogs can’t digest. Cooking food lowers the nutritional benefit of meats and vegetables.  Nature designed dogs to eat raw foods, not processed and dried kibble.   At Bones & Co, if it’s not good enough for people, it’s not good enough for your favorite furry friend.

So why do so many people feed kibble then?

Perception is reality and large multi-national corporations spend hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising to pull the fur over consumers’ eyes. Until now, there hasn’t been a high quality option that’s convenient for both pets and their owners.

How much should I feed my dog?

We recommend a total daily feeding amount of 2.5% of your dog’s ideal body weight for a moderately active dog.  Keep in mind that our feeding ratio is an estimate. Factors such as level of activity, age, health, metabolism and breed play a part in the necessary feeding quantities of all dogs. Please be sure to monitor your pet's dietary needs and adjust the feeding quantities accordingly.

Is it safe?

Absolutely Yes!  A thousand years of natural eating can’t be wrong! While raw meat undoubtedly has a higher risk for Salmonella and E. coli, we can come into contact with those bacteria every day and rarely get sick because they are in such low concentrations. Your dog has a digestive system specially designed to turn bacteria into harmless poop. But we always recommend using common sense and good food handling practices when dealing with raw meat, like always washing your hands after handling.  And of course consult your vet to make sure your pet is in good health before changing your dogs diet.  

How can I learn more?

There has been tons of information published on why a raw food diet is the best thing for dogs besides belly rubs and cuddles.  Don't just take our word for it check out our bibliography on great raw food feeding resources.  From books, to websites, veterinarians, and youtube videos all the information you could want is here.

How should I feed it to my dog?

Be sure to thaw your pets food in the refrigerator  for 24 hours prior to serving.  Some pups prefer to eat the patties only partially thawed, a nice way to cool off in the heat of the summer.  If your dog likes to play with his food it may be best to feed him in an isolated location, on their leash, or in a pen. And be sure to always supervise your dog while feeding. The hardest part will be keeping your dog out of the fridge before dinnertime. 

How should I switch foods?

We want to make the transition to a natural raw foods diet as simple as possible.  Its normal for your dog to be cautious of introducing a new diet.  There are two methods most raw feeders use.  The rapid method is the simplest method to make the switch.  You simply just do it.  Additionally, some feeders have found it helpful to fast their dogs for one to two days to help facilitate the switch.  The general experience and consensus is, that the rapid switch is the preferred, simplest, trouble free and most successful method for dogs particularly young and healthy dogs with a relatively normal gastrointestinal system. The slow method blends the old diet and new diet slowly overtime.  Typically over two weeks starting with 25% of the raw foods introduced and slowly working up to a 100% raw foods diet.  In our experience most dogs make this transition smoothly and problem free, so don't fret. Once they get their chops on our food they can't seem to stop wagging their tales.   

What is detoxification?

Many dogs who have been eating kibble go through a detoxification process once switched to a whole raw foods diet.  Symptoms may include inconsistency in stools, runny eyes, and excessive shedding.  It is important to know that these symptoms are normal and are indicative of your dog shedding toxins that have built up from eating low quality foods.  Symptoms may last up to two weeks while your dog is shedding toxins and cleansing its system.  We recommend providing lots of fresh water and plenty of exercise while your pup is cleansing.  Once they are fully adjusted you'll be so glad all those toxins are out of your dog!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Bones & Co we are dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction.  If the products you ordered fail to meet your expectations, simply contact the store you purchased the products from and we will do everything possible to see that you and your dog are happy with your Bones & Co. experience. For more information on our general terms of service and especially If you love reading legal copy take a look at our Privacy Policy and  Terms Of Service.