Where it all started...

Bones & Co. was born from an idea that: dogs deserve better, always.

After I lost my best friend, Murphy, to canine cancer, I realized what kibble was doing to our dogs, and I had enough. From that point forward, I was determined to change the way we feed out pets. I knew there was a better way, so I started asking questions, researching, connecting with pet experts and dedicating ALL of my free-time to everything dog health & nutrition.

On September 8th, 2013, Bones & Co. was born. Starting a small craft dog food company from my kitchen was both terrifying and exciting. When I faced obstacles, I closed my eyes and pictured Murphy by my side again. I would give anything to have him for just a little longer. And that was all the motivation I needed to keep pushing forward in my mission to feed dogs, better.

My story is your story, and I invite you to join the Bones & Co. tribe! Start by watching this short video on how I started Bones & Co.

Thank you again, for everything. Together, we WILL change the world one dog at a time.

Your Grateful Founder,

Ryan Cummings