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Dr. Clay Bernard

Veterinarian & Owner of Even Flow Veterinary Herbal & AcupuncturE

Member of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association & World Association of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

Austin, TX

Our pets are our family, and in order for them to be at the pinnacle of health, they need to ingest as much whole, unprocessed food ingredients as possible. After 8 years of recommending and feeding my own dog over-processed kibble or canned food, I began to see how my dog and cat patients that were fed raw diets seemed to have fewer chronic issues, such as skin allergies and digestive illnesses. I wanted to transition my dog to a good raw diet as well, and I’ve had Baker, my terrier-mix, on Bones & Co. for over 3 years now. At almost 13 years old, she is energetic, vibrant, sports a beautiful hair coat, and welcomes every meal with an enthusiasm that had not existed before. So many pet parents I know who feed their dogs Bones & Co. experience similar stories.

Quality, whole food ingredients should be the cornerstone of any pet’s health plan, and in my experience, Bones & Co. is proving to be instrumental in this endeavor.



Dr. Cheryl PetereiN

Veterinarian & member of The American Holistic Veterinary Association 

Bedford, TX

I am Cheryl Peterein, a veterinarian and member of the American Holistic Veterinary Association.  I have been researching the use of raw diets for my patients since Dr. Billinghurst came to our AHVA meeting in 2002.  He came from Australia to educate us on the benefits of raw diets in canines and felines.   

The difficulty I had was finding someone I trusted to provide a healthy raw diet for my patients and my pets.  I was very happy to find Bones & Co. and have witnessed the amazing improvements in the lives of my own pets and my patients.  My own 12 year Jack Russell was slowing down due to age.  Shortly after having her on Bones and Co., she is running and playing like a puppy again. 

Not only am I seeing this improvement with my pets, but I am seeing the same results with my patients.  I love hearing hearing from my pet parents how well their fur babies are doing on Bones and Co.  I never get tired of hearing and seeing the benefits and improvements of having my patients on the actual natural diet they need to thrive. 



Meghan Jordan

Owner of rebel dog training

Murrieta, CA

Jaxie is a 11 year old feisty Jack Russell Terrier. She is the best friend I could ever have. She has brought so much joy to my life as a companion but not only that she has changed my life immensely. Because of Jaxie, I became very involved with dog training in general and now own my own obedience and dog agility coaching school. Jaxie and I ventured into dog sports to keep her busy. We had many coaches give up on us in dog agility competitions but due to Jaxie’s persistence and my faith in her we have become very successful inside the ring and outside the ring. She has been able to compete on the elite stage and at national levels.

Among our ringside success, Jaxie struggled with allergies on and off most of her life. She was prescribed many drugs and shots yearly. She was prescribed a grain free diet and place on quality kibble for most of her life. She had a limited diet due to these allergies. Certain times of the year she would struggle to stop itching, licking, with severe redness to her skin. We did our best in controlling her allergies as we were educated.  

Jaxie was diagnosed 10 months ago with Mast Cell tumors. Mast Cell tumors can be aggressive skin cancer closely related to the release of histamines. We did home cooked for a while but due to the histamine release of cooked foods we decided to venture into the raw food arena. We found Keto Pet sanctuary and begin their protocol for mast cell tumors. Jaxie has not had a relapse of the tumors since starting this diet. We had to make her raw food from sources at the grocery store until we were introduced to Bones and Co food by our local natural pet food store!

We are so incredibly grateful for this food and to see Jaxie thriving on this food without allergic reactions or new tumor growth….I am forever grateful for Bones and Co and their honesty in their product but also their contribution to making our pups the healthiest they can be!  



Lori Haig

Pup Parent

Los Angeles, CA

After her cancer diagnosis, we were told Hazel had 14 days left to howl and do her Beagle thing. We quickly switched her to B&C’s raw, Keto diet—two months later she’s doing amazing and acting like the puppy she was when we first rescued her at 14 months old! Plus, she totally loves the raw food!

Teddy is a dog that since the day we rescued him, at about 9 months, has been a very, very finicky eater. We've tried every trick in the book to get him to eat. The first day we switched to raw, he DEVOURED his food. It has been quite incredible. He just wanted to eat what he needed, not the kibble we were giving him. Thanks for providing such a great option for both my pups!




Project Manager at National LRM

Las Vegas, NV

My 12-year-old Yorkie Lola was diagnosed last year with an enlarged heart and a lung tumor and put on several daily medications including heart medication, steroids and/or pain medications, and medications to help her cough due to the tumor and collapsing trachea.

After researching the treatments for cancer I decided to switch her to a raw diet and I only wish I would have learned of it sooner! Lola has since lost weight, does not cough nearly as much, is only on heart medication and plays like a puppy! Last month the veterinarian said after an X-ray that the size of her heart has even decreased! I’m so grateful we found the raw diet and can give Lola a happy and healthy future!



Jen Ramey

Lead at ATX Social Pup and dog mom influencer @princessbuttercupdumptruck

Austin, TX

We started feeding our 15 year old rescue dog Ruthie on a raw diet when we adopted her two months ago. She doesn’t have any teeth, so we rip the patties into small bites that she can easily pick up.

Her skin and fur have gone from flaky and dull to smooth and shiny, her eyes look clearer and she has so much energy! When we first adopted her, she was always sleepy and slow and now she’s romping through the yard with our 3 year old pup. I can’t recommend The Bones & Co enough! The goats milk and bark boost are also staples around our house.



Katalina Pierce

Pug Mom and Instagram Manager @freakyneeko

Austin, TX

The best thing about feeding Neeko raw food is not only is it the best thing for him, he doesn’t look uncomfortable after a meal anymore! Prior to feeding raw, Neeko would pace around, look bloated and lick the air repeatedly (some pugs do this when they have heartburn) after each meal.

I used to give him Pepcid AC daily and was told the air licking after meals was ‘just a pug thing’ he is ready to play or nap comfortably after he enjoys his meal.

I haven’t had to give him heartburn medicine since we threw the kibble out.

I would have to say the only challenge I have faced about feeding raw is that Neeko now gets impatient waiting for his food.



Angela Robertson

Nutrition nerd for animals and Director of Aveda Institute Austin

Austin, TX

Bones & Co. is all about DOGS! Seriously, their values begin with DOGS FIRST! They have a higher goal than selling dog food – it’s about changing the lives of pets around the world through nutritional education and passion.

I’ve met the employees and the owner. They are amazing people (I like to call them MY PEOPLE). Who wouldn’t want to support that! Obviously, the food is phenomenal, but knowing you can trust the values of the people behind the food is priceless. 

The best thing is knowing you are giving them the best! We all want our pets to live forever and know that can’t happen, but we can change their diets and reduce toxic environmental factors to have them live a much longer life than if they were only eating kibble. It’s no different than eating the best and most healthy foods for ourselves. I wish I did a better job of that. I feed my dogs better than myself! Can you say CHEESE PIZZA?

The only challenge is, just like the healthy foods we buy for ourselves, it is more costly than the cheap, unhealthy stuff. You do what you can, so you feed a little raw here and there, add a raw egg, throw in some Bark Boost – whatever you can do.”




Pup Parent

New Braunfels, TX

I started feeding your chicken formula to my senior Lhasa Apso, Emily, about a month ago. She is going to be 14 years old this year. For the last five years her labs have been abnormal, I've tried milk thistle and other homeopathic remedies. They helped a little but not much. Two and a half days after I started feeding her your raw food, she had a vet appointment. I was shocked when the vet didn't need to talk to me, then I saw why when I saw her lab results—absolutely normal. Emily also has more energy and seem happier. While your product is expensive, what I've seen makes it worth every penny. You have probably added years to my Emily's life. 



Kristen + Nathan Morris

Owners Of The Art Of Dogs Holistic Dog Care Co.

Austin, TX

My husband and I have been raw feeding our dogs and cat for about 12 years now. We know how important a species appropriate diet is for our pets’ overall health...We also take groups of dogs hiking each day and are able to see that raw dogs typically perform better than kibble fed dogs. They are calmer, more hydrated (extremely important in TX) and have better endurance for our long hikes. By having a super convenient, super healthy, and locally made product, we have been able to switch a third of our hiking crew from kibble to Bones & Company patties... 

All ingredients are recognizable and pronounceable which is so important when you are trying to understand ingredients and choose the best food for your pup.  

Thank you Bones & Co. for your amazing patties! 



Jackie Koppers

Pup Parent

Augie (7 months) and I are grateful to you and B&C. He loves the sliders, rib bones, and goat milk. Fortunately, about a month after he joined my family I started learning about the pet food industry and how nutritionally lacking kibble is, and the benefits of feeding raw and holistic health. I’m also very fortunate to have mom and pop pet stores in my area that sell B&C. It’s heartbreaking to lose a pet, when all intentions are to give them the very best. But you’ve turned a terrible loss into a gift of health and longer time to love our fur kids. Keep up the good work Ryan! 


Deborah Hearn

Pup Parent

After losing my boxer to cancer and grieving for months I finally decided to get another dog. I made up my mind I was going to do my research and find a breed that was not prone to cancer. In the process of this research I discovered the raw diet movement. It did not take me long to decide this is the way I wanted to feed my new family member. I now have two little four legged buddies who love your food. They get so excited when they know it is time to eat and are doing wonderfully. I also feel good about keeping my money in our community. Thank you for the quality of this food.


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