+ Who Is B&C?

Our story, identity, and food philosophy begins with dogs and ends with dogs. We are more than a “company selling dog food.” We are:

  • Rebels amongst the rebellious (we not only make raw food...we make raw, Ketogenic food)
  • Dog-obsessed Austinites on a mission to change the world of dog food, one bowl at a time
  • True Underdogs up against billion-dollar kibble companies

Here’s our big secret: we don’t make dog food. We make real, fresh food for dogs crafted with metabolic integrity. That’s how B&C differs from everyone else: we don’t think the food we give our dogs should be “convenient” or “easy,” we believe the food we give our dogs should be good.

We feed dogs the right way to love them longer.

+ What Makes B&C Different And Better?

All of our food is:

  • Keto-friendly: our unique recipe helps dogs reach an optimal metabolic fat-burning state
  • Hand-packed
  • Made from locally sourced ingredients & grass fed, cage free animals
  • Made with MORE meat and NO fillers
  • 95% Meat, Bones & Organs
  • Made with human-grade meat
  • Crafted in micro-batches of 250 lbs

….So, that’s what makes us different & better. Right now, no one else is doing what we’re doing. We are a one-of-a-kind grassroots Tribe of Dog Food Rebels determined, no matter the cost, to do what is right for our dogs.

+ What Is Your Product Guarantee?

On every single bag of our food, you can find Ryan’s (B&C Founder), personal cell phone number. We want to make sure that every bag of food, every supplement, and every bone that you purchase is 100% up to your standards...or it isn’t up to ours.

Being so small, you can call, email, or Facebook message us and expect a response DIRECTLY. Our story is your story.

Our guarantee is that when you become a Bones & Co. advocate and community member, you will automatically be ingrained in something bigger than yourself. We are a community putting dogs first by pushing for change in the pet food industry. YOU make US possible.


+ How Can I Share A Testimonial?

We LOVE hearing from our Tribe. If you have a testimonial to share, send an email to our “Word Woofer” (Copywriter) at clancy@thebonesandco.com. Note: please send with a picture. We love seeing cute pup faces!!

+ Are You Family Owned And Operated?




+ Do You Ship?

NO, we don't ship. We sell our food, bones, and supplements in small, independent pet shops in California, Nevada, Louisiana, and Texas! Check out our store locator if you live in one of these states: https://www.thebonesandco.com/stockists/

That said, you can ALWAYS ask your local pet store if they can special order our product. While we can't guarantee that they will be able to, you can always try. One day, our dream is to be able to offer our food and treats to dogs all over the U.S.! Be sure to SIGN UP for our Tribe and we'll notify you if we are able to start shipping!

+ How Can I Find Your Food?

Check out our store locator to find a local pet shop that carries B&C food: https://www.thebonesandco.com/stockists/

+ How Much Does Your Food Cost?

We don't put our prices online because prices can vary from store to store based on location. Be sure to locate and call a store near you for specific prices on products near you! Go here: https://www.thebonesandco.com/stockists/

+ I Can't Afford B&C At The Moment, Any Suggestions?

We understand, for one reason or another, that pet parents sometimes can't afford to feed their dog 100% raw Keto food. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, though! Dogs will benefit from eating the most amount of fresh, raw food and meat possible. Try adding in a patty or two each week—a little bit of raw meat goes a long way!

Also, if you’re not ready to completely make the transition to raw food, you can give our supplements a shot! Adding in healthy probiotics, greens, raw food, and/or supplemental bones can give your dog a nutritional BOOST that they aren’t getting from kibble.

Feeding Our Food


+ How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

GREAT question. Every dog is different, but the general rule of thumb is to feed your full-grown dog 2.5% of their ideal body weight. Factors such as activity, age, health, metabolism, breed, and other lifestyle factors play a part in determining how much you should feed your dog. Be sure to monitor your dog’s weight and health (along with a holistic vet) and adjust feeding quantities accordingly.

Read more about our feeding guidelines here: https://www.thebonesandco.com/blog/bones-and-co-feeding-guidelines-calculator

+ Do I Need To Add Supplements To B&C Patties Or Minis?

Patties and minis are completely balanced and meet AAFCO’s nutritional standards for complete and balanced pet foods. Unless otherwise specified by your pet’s health care provider, it is not necessary to add supplements to our patties and minis since your pup will be getting all of the required nutrients in their main meal.

That said, supplements are just that...supplemental. Supplements like Bone Broth, Goat Milk, and Bark Boost can give your pup a nutritional BOOST that they might need after a good bit of exercise, when it’s hot, or when they are recovering from an illness. Extra nutrients that promote healthy gut functioning, enhanced hydration, and a healthy immune system are always a good idea.

+ Can Young Puppies Eat B&C Food? If so, how much?

YES, puppies can be fed a raw diet. The sooner a dog starts eating raw food, the better! Raw food is optimal for carnivorous canines, regardless of age.

Here’s the golden rule for feeding puppies:

We recommend that you feed them 5% of their current weight split up 3-4 times a day.

Puppies are constantly growing so the best way to feed them the right amount is to slowly increase the amount of food! This is different than full-grown dogs because you won’t know your puppy’s ideal weight until they stop growing!

+ How Do I Transition From Kibble To Raw?

Making the switch from kibble to a natural raw food diet is usually very simple. While you transition, we’re here to help and be a resource to you with whatever you need!

Generally speaking, there are two methods that people use:

Method #1: This is the method that we recommend. Make the switch over the period of a week or more. This method is ideal for picky dogs, dogs with a history of GI sensitivity, older dogs, and dogs accustomed to eating kibble. Slowly transition from feeding kibble to raw food by adding in more and more raw food over the period of 1 or more weeks. Here's how it works: slowly increase the % of raw food in your dog's bowl. Once stool is stable, you are good to increase the % of raw. Once you are feeding 100% raw and your pup’s stool has firmed, the process is complete!

Method #2: We do not recommend this method but some pet parents chooose this route. Here's how it works: make the switch immediately...day #1 you are feeding kibble and day #2 you are feeding raw. This method may work for young pups, dogs used to fresh food toppers, and healthy dogs.

+ What Is Detoxification?

Detoxification is something that may happen to dogs when they transition from eating kibble to a whole raw food diet. Detoxing may last between a few days or a few weeks. Some dogs don’t even detox at all! Symptoms may include:

  • Inconsistency in stools
  • Runny eyes
  • Excess shedding
  • Excess earwax

It’s important to know that these symptoms are normal. Dogs going through detoxification are doing just that...detoxing. They are literally shedding all of the toxins and gunk from their body that they had while eating a kibble diet. Be sure to provide your pup with plenty of fresh water, exercise, and consider adding supplements like Goat Milk or Bone Broth to ease your dog’s GI tract during the transition.

+ How Do I Feed My Dog?

Once you’ve brought your raw patties or minis home, here’s HOW to give it to your dog:

Step 1: After purchasing B&C raw food (patties, minis, or bones), put the food in your freezer for storage.

Step 2: Since patties and minis need around 24 hours to completely de-thaw, stick the # of patties you need for the next TWO days in the fridge. We suggest using a Tupperware container to hold the patties/minis in the fridge. (For bones, de-thaw 1 day in the fridge before serving to decrease risk for aggressive chewers.)

Step 3: Once patties,minis, or bones are de-thawed, serve them to your pup (yum!).

Step 4: Repeat the process and you'll have fresh, raw food for weeks!

NOTE: Some dogs prefer patties and minis only partially de-thawed, and that's okay!



+ Where Do You Source Your Food?

All of our meats come from farms within a day's drive of Austin that use integrative and sustainable agricultural practices. The only exception is our duck which comes from a family farm in Pennsylvania (it's too darn hot in Texas for them!).

All of our Farm-To-Bowl ingredients are responsibly sourced, grass fed & cage free, and contain no added antibiotics or hormones.

+ Where do you make your food?

We make our food in downtown Austin, TX in a human-grade kitchen with human-grade meat. We pride ourselves on hand-packing our food and only crafting the food in 250 lb micro-batches. NO, we do not co-pack our food.

+ Do You Use Organic Ingredients?

Yes all of our produce is organic but no, our meat cannot technically be labeled organic. Our meat is human-grade and sourced from grass fed, cage free animals.

We source from small farms that use integrative and sustainable agriculture practices. For many of our small farms the cost of organic or GAP certification is cost prohibitive. Although not all of our farmers are certified that doesn't mean we sacrifice on the quality of our meats or sourcing.

+ Can I Feed My Cat B&C Food?

Our food is not formulated to meet the specific needs of cats. Some pet parents choose to feed their cats B&C food supplementally.

That said, our Beef Bone Broth and Raw Goat Milk are two supplements that are approved for cats. Bone broth is great for hydration & promotes healthy gut functioning while Goat Milk is an excellent source of probiotics & contains anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, both are delicious!

+ Did Your Recipe Change With The New Bags?

In 2018, we updated our packaging and formula to be KETO APPROVED.

In summary: the total, non-fat changes to the ingredients account for less than 1.5% of the total ingredient deck. In ALL proteins, we:

  • Dropped carrots and replaced them with spinach. Carrot is a root vegetable and is high in sugar.
  • Dropped salmon oil and replaced with Krill-Micropaegic fish (to compliment our Cod liver oil which is Macropalegic fish). This provides a great spectrum of Omega-3.
  • Increased fat, so our new fat to protein ratio is 1:1 (i.e. Keto-friendly!)

We slightly adjusted the formula in order to better help dogs the best way we know how: through the most biologically and metabolically-appropriate ingredients possible.

+ Do You Meet AAFCO Requirements?

YES, we meet and exceed AAFCO’s nutritional standards for complete and balanced pet foods. We surpass these standards because our raw food is made from fresh meat, not processed ingredients. Our food is in its natural state, not cooked or pasteurized, to avoid damaging the nutrients and enzymes found in the food.

+ What Does It Mean That Ingredients Are "Human-Grade?"

Human-grade ingredients is just that: ingredients that, technically, humans could it. All of our food is crafted and packaged in a human-grade kitchen in downtown Austin (made in the USA), making it an incredible high-quality food for your pup.

Human-grade food and meat is a huge step above the quality of meat found in kibble (which is “pet-grade” and can include by-products, renderings, meat from diseased animals, and more).

If it’s not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for our pups.

+ What Is The Shelf Life Of Your Products?

The shelf life of our products depends on the actual product! Be sure to check the expiration date to see how long each product is safe to feed your dog after purchase.

Note: once frozen meat (patties or minis) have been moved out of the freezer and into the fridge, be sure to feed your dog the meat within 4 days in order to avoid the meat spoiling. Like with any human-grade meat, our food is super fresh so be sure not to let it go bad in the fridge!

+ Do You Use Any Preservatives?

NO, the only preservative we use is the freezer!

Raw Keto Vs. Kibble


+ What Are The Benefits Of A Raw, Keto Diet?

On a metabolically-appropriate raw diet, a dog's system is naturally balanced and not working overtime to process harsh chemicals or carbs. When a dog’s body can function properly, numerous health benefits arise:

  • A shinier coat (from bioavailable nutrients in raw food)
  • Cleaner teeth (from chewing on raw bones)
  • Reduction in stool size (healthier gut biome = better digestion = healthier poop!)
  • Offers better weight control (the body can regulate itself better)
  • Less dehydration (raw food is REAL food with intracellular moisture)
  • Reduced food intolerance (raw is real food, not Franken food)
  • Lowers vet bills over time. If a dogs is fundamentally healthy on a cellular level, then they are in the best position to fight diseases and thrive.

Don't just take our word for it! We recommend that you spend time digging into our resource center to learn the truth about raw food & its benefits. Enter the LABoratory: https://www.thebonesandco.com/get-access-resources/

+ What's Wrong With Kibble?

Kibble is the human equivalent of fast food. It’s highly-processed, the nutrients are not in the most bioavailable form, and it’s not healthy consumed long-term. When dogs eat kibble, they miss out on one of the best things in life: eating fresh, whole foods. Forced to merely survive instead of thrive, dogs that eat kibble are far more likely to develop diseases like cancer, obesity, and diabetes.

While there are numerous problems with kibble, the main issues are:

  • Kibble is made from "poor-quality meats, byproducts and synthetic vitamins and minerals”
  • Kibble contains high amount of biologically-inappropriate carbs
  • Kibble contains little-to-no natural “good bacteria” or probiotics
  • Kibble contains little-to-no intracellular moisture. That’s why kibble-fed dogs are often dehydrated.

Many pet parents feed kibble because there is a current perception that this is what dogs should be eating. Large, multi-national billion-dollar pet food companies spend millions of dollars on advertising to convince consumers that kibble is the best food for dogs. Big kibble companies even write the nutrition textbooks that are used in vet schools!

Kibble is not superior to raw, whole foods and we’re on a mission to make sure that less and less parents are “pet fooled” by Big Pet Food’s tactics.

+ Is Raw Food Safe For Dogs?

Most likely, yes.

Raw meat contains bacteria: it will contain good bacteria and can contain bad bacteria. Mainly, when we’re talking about bad bacteria in raw food, we’re discussing Salmonella and E-coli.

Big Pet Food likes to emphasize the fact that raw meat may contain bad bacteria. They use this as a reason that people should not feed raw. (Interesting how humans still eat high-quality Sushi...). In reality, dogs are well-equipped to process good and even bad bacteria. With a short GI tract, high stomach acidity, and bacteria-killing saliva called lysozyme, dogs can eat what they are biologically meant to eat: raw meat. Additionally, kibble is not bacteria-free. There are recalls on kibble all the time for containng bad bacteria, poisons, and more.

The only caveat to this is that we do not recommend raw food if your dog is immune compromised. Please discuss whole food options with your holistic vet if you have an immune compromised pup. Find a holistic vet here: https://www.ahvma.org/find-a-holistic-veterinarian/

+ Is Raw Food Safe For Humans To Serve?

There are a lot of myths surrounding raw food. If you use normal kitchen safety procedures, though, you can prevent foodborne illness:

  1. Wash your hands with warm water before and after feeding the meat (or after touching your dog’s bowl)

  2. Make sure to frequently wash your dog’s bowl (this is a good general practice)

  3. DO NOT serve de-thawed meat that has been in the refrigerator for more than 4 days: feeding spoiled meat is not healthy for humans or dogs

+ Can Dogs Who Aren't Sick/Don't Have Cancer Eat Keto?

Yes, absolutely. Ketogenic food is for all dogs, not just dogs that are sick or have cancer. To see how Keto is helping dogs with cancer, go here: https://www.thebonesandco.com/blog/how-a-ketogenic-diet-is-helping-dogs-with-cancer

Ketogenic food optimizes dogs’ natural fat-burning abilities, allowing dogs to thrive instead of just survive eating hard-to-process kibble. B&C food puts all dogs in the best position to be healthy overall by giving them metabolically-appropriate fuel. In the long run, a dog who eats great food will be better prepared to fight disease, maintain a healthy weight, and live a longer, happier life.

+ Can You Help My Sick Dog?

We are not vets and highly recommend seeing a holistic vet near you if you have specific questions concerning your dog's health! Find a holistic vet near you: https://www.ahvma.org/find-a-holistic-veterinarian/

+ Why Is My Dog's Stool Smaller Now With Raw?

The proof is in the poo! More bioavailable ingredients in your dog's food means more of the food is absorbed (thus there is less waste).

Stinky, large-sized stools are the by-product of highly processed kibble. Smaller stools are one of the major benefits of a raw, fresh diet for carnivorous canines. Now that your dog is eating appropriate food, their metabolic system is functioning optimally!

+ How Can I Learn More About Keto + Raw?

We’ve put together a one-stop shop of resources, articles, videos, and extras to help you learn more about these topics in our LABoratory. We don’t want you to take our word for it...discover for yourself the science behind raw food and why Keto food is working wonders for our pups. To get access, go here!

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