Bones & Co. Feeding Guidelines (With Calculator!)

As pet parents, we’ve all been in this situation:  

Finally, after a long day’s work, you sit down to eat something. You’re tired, happy to be relaxing and hungry. You start eating and then see...from the corner of your eye...your dog. Staring. At. You. They always want food – even if they just ate! Using their (literal) puppy eyes, dogs seem to have a never-ending want for more food.

Even for the most vigilant of dog parents, feeding dogs the right amount can be a challenge. It can be easy to be persuaded (yes, by your dog) into giving them more than they need.  

We’re here to help. Below, you’ll find estimated guidelines to help feed your dog the right amount of food & our suggestions for how to easily serve Keto raw food at home. 



Generally speaking, we recommend that you feed your dog 2% - 2.5% of your dog’s ideal body weight.  

Helpful tip: if you have a pure-bred dog, this can help you estimate your dog’s ideal body weight. If you have a mix or want a more specific calculation, this can help you estimate your dog’s ideal body weight. As always, consult with your holistic veterinarian if you want a more precise body weight recommendation.

So, let’s look at an example:  

Say we’re feeding a 42-pound female Labrador Retriever who is currently at their ideal weight. The proper feeding calculation would be (2% - 2.5%) times (ideal body weight in pounds):  

0.025 x 42 pounds = 1.05 pounds

In this case, you would feed your dog ~1.05 pounds of food per day in order to maintain its healthy weight.  

Given that Bones & Co. minis are around 1.5 ounces each and patties are around 8 ounces each, you could: 

  1. Feed your dog approximately 2 patties each day or

  2. Feed your dog approximately 11 minis each day or 

  3. Do a combination of both! As long as you’re feeding the right amount of food (calculated by pounds), your dog will be eating properly! 

  4. Final, most important step, is to measure results! Every dog is different (just like humans), so some dogs can eat less while maintaining a healthy weight, while some dogs with a faster metabolism may need more. We recommend to track their weight for 2-4 weeks eating the same quantity, and adjust if needed.

PRO TIP! Since B&C has NO fillers and low carbs, many dogs eating B&C are able to eat much less than they do on other foods, while still maintaining a healthy weight! Without the added fillers that many other foods have, our food is more satiating for dogs & nutrients more bio-available.


Still need help? Try this calculator as a guide:  



Here are some helpful charts (that we have on the back of every bag) to help you estimate how many patties and/or minis you should feed your dog: 






While our feeding guidelines are very good estimates of how much food your dog should be eating, you have to measure these guidelines against your dog’s lifestyle. 

Depending on your dog’s exercise level, overall health, age, and breed, the amount of food you give your dog may fluctuate.  

Make sure to monitor your dog’s health and body weight (along with a holistic vet!) and adjust how much you feed your dog accordingly. 



At Bones & Co. we're on a mission to feed dogs, better.  

Because we put dogs first, we want you to be as knowledgeable as possible about the type and amount of food you should put in your dog’s bowl.  

That’s why we’re so transparent about our ingredients, process, and philosophy...we know that by feeding dogs real, Ketogenic food instead of kibble, we can help them live longer, healthier lives by your side.  

LEARN MORE about Ketogenic raw dog food and how Bones & Co. is revolutionizing the face of dog food with REAL, metabolically appropriate food.  

Have specific questions about your dog’s health? While B&C cannot give medical advice, we recommend seeking advice from a Holistic Veterinarian for your best furry friend (BFF). B&C is here to be a resource for you while you learn more about raw food, Keto, and dog nutrition!

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