National Dog Day 2018: Meet B&C Pet Parents

Happy National Dog Day! 

To be honest, today is better than Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, and Thanksgiving combined...why? 

Because we get to celebrate the one thing we love most: our dogs.

As a company, we put dogs first and are so lucky to have a tribe of devoted pet parents who also put their dogs first. 


This year, we decided to do something extra special to ring in our favorite holiday: interview pet parents who choose to feed their best furry friends (BFFs) our food. 

We want to thank and highlight these particular pet parents because of how dedicated they all are (in different ways) to doing what is right for their pets over what is easy (which can be a challenge!).  

In this special tribute blog, you’ll read about Angela, Jen, and Katalina’s individual stories: their challenges, triumphs, and, most importantly, their DOGS!

See for yourself how amazing these pet parents are and how paw-sitively life-changing it can be to put raw, Keto food in your dog’s bowl.



Angela and her two dogs: Babe and Harley!

Angela and her two dogs: Babe and Harley!


Angela lives in Austin, TX with her two dogs and one cat. She currently works as the Director of Aveda Institute Austin, a Cosmetology and Esthiology school. 

She got started on her raw food journey after working at Chuckling Hound Luxury Pet Resort and I Once Was Lost Animal Advocacy group. Angela learned about natural remedies, animal nutrition, and raw food from the owner of this advocacy group.

As a self-described "nutrition nerd for animals," Angela is a proud fur mother, raw feeder, and advocate for the humane treatment of animals. 


Question 1: When did you start feeding your pets raw food and why?  

“I started feeding my pets only raw about 8 months ago. Prior to that I was feeding raw as a supplement.

I was excited to make the transition to all raw, because I want to know that I am feeding my pets the VERY BEST!


Question 2: Why do you choose to give your dogs Bones & Co. food?  

“I was attracted to Bones & Co. originally because it was local.

Then, I started doing some research. Bones & Co. is all about DOGS! Seriously, their values begin with DOGS FIRST! They have a higher goal than selling dog food – it’s about changing the lives of pets around the world through nutritional education and passion.

I’ve met the employees and the owner. They are amazing people (I like to call them MY PEOPLE). Who wouldn’t want to support that!

Obviously, the food is phenomenal, but knowing you can trust the values of the people behind the food is priceless.”


Question 3: What is the best thing and the most challenging thing about feeding your pets raw food? 

“The best thing is knowing you are giving them the best!

We all want our pets to live forever and know that can’t happen, but we can change their diets and reduce toxic environmental factors to have them live a much longer life than if they were only eating kibble.

It’s no different than eating the best and most healthy foods for ourselves. I wish I did a better job of that.

I feed my dogs better than myself! Can you say CHEESE PIZZA?

The only challenge is, just like the healthy foods we buy for ourselves, it is more costly than the cheap, unhealthy stuff. You do what you can, so you feed a little raw here and there, add a raw egg, throw in some Bark Boost – whatever you can do.”


Question 4: What’s a fun fact about your pets?  

“[My dog Babe] LOVES squeaky toys!...I can’t wait to collect enough toys to fill a baby pool for her!


Question 5: Is there anything else you’d like to share about your pets?  

“All three of my pets are rescues...They all have stories and some have issues you have to work through, but there is nothing better than a rescue.

I just want people to know how important it is to adopt a rescue or shelter pet. They are amazing dogs!



Jen and her two dogs: Buttercup and Ruthie!

Jen and her two dogs: Buttercup and Ruthie!


Jen has been living in Austin, TX since 2010. Jen works part-time in hospitality and full-time as a human servant-dog mom. 

When Jen isn't serving two needy dogs, you can find her running ATX Social Pup for Austin dog events and running Buttercup and Ruthie's (her dogs) Instagram @princessbuttercupdumptruck


Question 1: When did you start feeding your dogs raw food and why?  

“...When we adopted Ruthie in March, I knew that she needed a really good diet to put some pep in her step. Her estimated age is 15, and she was found in terrible condition as a stray.

We wanted to give her the cleanest, healthiest diet without any additional junk because of her age, and felt that raw was the best choice for her. We still had the bag in the freezer, so I thawed a few patties and she’s been eating raw ever since.

...Buttercup now eats raw as well, but she’ll only eat it frozen!”


Question 2: Why do you choose to give your dogs Bones & Co. food?  

“I think you can see the difference in Bones & Co. food.

The patties look so fresh and you can see the bits of veggies in them…I could pass them off as human burgers to someone who didn’t know better!

We also love supporting local companies, and Bones & Co. is as local as it gets.”


Question 3: What is the best thing and the most challenging thing about feeding your dogs raw food? 

“The best thing is seeing and feeling the difference in their appearance.

When Ruthie started eating raw, her flaky skin got better, her fur started getting a shine to it, her eyelashes started growing back, and her eyes looked clearer. She also has a ton of energy which is impressive for her health issues and age.

Buttercup’s fur feels much softer and she lost a little weight. She looks leaner on a raw diet.

The most challenging thing with raw feeding is prep and clean up...It’s not a huge burden though…we just apply the same practices as we would if we were handling raw meat for ourselves.

The benefits of raw feeding far outweigh the challenges.


Question 4: What’s a fun fact about your dogs?  

“Our small dogs are active!

Ruthie can’t do as much because of her hernia, but 12-pound Buttercup is just as active as any larger dog. She runs, hikes, fetches, and loves bubbles!”



Katalina and her two pugs!

Katalina and her two pugs!


Katalina is a dog mom from Portland, OR who has been living in Austin for over 20 years now. Katalina used to work for The Portland Blazers and Nike and she currently plans events for companies who come to SXSW.

Katalina has a son who is a senior in high school, two pugs, and a cat!

Currently, Katalina is planning dog wedding for her pug Neeko (yes, he's the groom!) to benefit Pug Rescue of Austin. 


Question 1: When did you start feeding your dogs raw food and why?  

“Neeko has been on a raw diet for a little over three years.

I decided to change Neeko’s diet after I researched, and was horrified, about what was in the high brand kibble I was feeding him.”


Question 2: Why do you choose to give your dogs Bones & Co. food?  

“We were lucky enough to discover Bones & Co. at a local Farmers Market.

I had never seen Neeko gobble up his dinner so fast! He loved it! He was never very excited at meal time before that.

I just thought he wasn’t food motivated. I was SO wrong!”


Question 3: What is the best thing and the most challenging thing about feeding your dogs raw food? 

“The best thing about feeding Neeko raw food is not only is it the best thing for him, he doesn’t look uncomfortable after a meal anymore! Prior to feeding raw, Neeko would pace around, look bloated and lick the air repeatedly (some pugs do this when they have heartburn) after each meal.

I used to give him Pepcid AC daily and was told the air licking after meals was ‘just a pug thing’ he is ready to play or nap comfortably after he enjoys his meal.

I haven’t had to give him heartburn medicine since we threw the kibble out.

I would have to say the only challenge I have faced about feeding raw is that Neeko now gets impatient waiting for his food.”


Question 4: What’s a fun fact about your dogs?  

“A fun fact about Neeko is that even though he is a pug, he’s a total water dog!

He is an excellent swimmer. If he’s around water, I can’t keep him out of it. He has been known to swim out to the kayakers on Lady Bird Lake and the look on their faces when they see him is priceless!”


Question 5: Is there anything else you’d like to share about your dogs?  

“We were recently lucky enough to adopt another pug who had been severely mistreated and neglected. His skin had raw patches and he was covered in hives.

I have no idea what he was eating prior to coming to live with us but I honestly believe that his new diet of raw duck patties and goat milk helped cure all of his ailments. Within a week, his skin cleared up, his hair grew back and his eyes began to sparkle.



Inspired by these awesome pet parents?!  

So are we.  

We continue to be in awe of how dedicated our tribe members are to giving their pets the best life by feeding them the best food.  

All of these amazing dog moms have pushed past the narrative of kibble and are advocates for feeding raw, Keto food to their pets because they can see the real difference it makes in their dogs’ lives. 

Want to know more about Ketogenic raw dog food? LEARN MORE NOW by joining our tribe.  

Have specific questions about your dog’s health? While B&C cannot give medical advice, we recommend seeking advice from a Holistic Veterinarian for your best furry friend (BFF). B&C is here to be a resource for you while you learn more about raw food, Keto, and dog nutrition!

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