Ryan is a local Austin entrepreneur with a passion for animals, but he has a bone to pick with regular old dried dog food. After spending most of the last decade working in the global pet food industry, he had seen enough. He was amazed at how switching to a Paleolithic diet lets him and his pup run faster, jump higher, and helped to improve their overall health (seriously, they are pretty happy and healthy), and he realized more people needed to know, not only for themselves but also for their pets.

He became a biologically appropriate foods evangelist and has been on a mission spreading the concept of biologically appropriate diets free from grains and processed foods to pets ever since. 


Our Philosophy:

Back To The Basics. We think Mother Nature is the best chef.  We also think fresh food is better than Franken food made from industrial extruders. Working with pet nutritionists, we make meals based on what canines were supposed to eat: real, local, freshly prepared foods.  Instead of feeding your pup factory-processed kibble with questionable ingredients, we deliver real food lovingly prepared right here in Austin. And we’re not ashamed to tell you exactly what is in your dog’s food.

Your dog will thrive on our  raw food!  Not only will he have more energy (get that tennis ball ready), smaller stools (thank goodness) and a shinier coat (which the ladies will love), but your dog will be healthier, happier, and live a longer life. It’s no wonder dogs in the know prefer raw food.


Why Dogs Are Sick Of Kibble:

Domestic dogs and their wild ancestors, the wolf, have always been carnivorous hunters. But over the past 60 years, the pet food industry has grown more concerned with cutting costs and increasing product shelf-life. Instead of meeting the health needs of your beloved pet, the average dry dog kibble is made of inferior ingredients—fillers, by-products, grains, dies, and preservatives.

At Bones & Co we are turning that on its tail. 


Why Dogs Love Raw:

Our mission is to serve the highest quality, most biologically appropriate food possible.  We think the only way to ensure a beautiful world for us and our dogs is by making food for them sustainably with a small carbon footprint.

The Bones & Co is a local Austin business that puts dogs first.  The heart of our philosophy is feeding dogs the way mother nature intended by using high quality ingredients from local suppliers and supporting natural and organic businesses whenever we can.  We believe pets first, business second.  We will never put grains, by-products, fillers, or preservatives in any of our food.  Instead, we’re proud of our dog food and we’ll show you every single that is in your pup's food. After all, we have nothing to hide.

Feel free to give us a bark anytime!