2018 AAFCO Carb Update On Dog Food Labels

Story takeaways: 

  • Huge news: AAFCO is finally getting closer to labeling carbohydrate content on pet food labels 

  • We know that when companies don't have to label carb content, many consumers are misled into thinking that there are no carbs/sugars in their dog's food (which is usually false) 

  • If this update happens, we will be one step closer to full nutritional transparency when it comes to kibble 

Due to the hard work of pet parents, dog activists, and concerned consumers, AAFCO is finally getting closer to adding carbohydrate content to pet food labels.  

This is HUGE news for everyone who believes that transparency is the best policy when it comes to labeling dog food.  

We share in Rodney Habib's excitement

"This may look like nothing to some, but after...100 years of the same old way of thinking, today, because of public demand, the major source of energy: 'carbs' will now be added to pet food labels.

For those who have pets with cancer, seizures, diabetes, and other diseases, you will soon have an idea of what you are fueling your pets with."

If this update happens, it will be a big deal for a few reasons: 

  • Big Pet Food won't be able to hide high carb content behind possibly misleading labels (like grain-free)  

  • Pet parents will be able to easily see the number of carbs in their dog's food 

  • We will be one step closer to full nutritional transparency when it comes to kibble 



First off: dogs have no biological requirement for carbs (as stated by AAFCO themselves!).  

The problem is not that there are carbs in dog food (people can buy and sell whatever products they want to), the issue here is one of transparency.  

When large pet food companies don't have to label the carb content on the back of their bags, the consumer can easily mistake things like grain-free for carb-free, which usually isn't the case.  

This video does a great job of explaining why the carb count in dog food matters. Quick summary:  

  1. In a dog's body (and in a human's body), carbs are converted to glucose and used as the primary energy source in lieu of fat and protein.  

  2. When a dog eats carbs regularly, they store their fat instead of using it for energy in Ketosis.  

  3. If a dog is storing their fat instead of burning it, a number of inflammation-based health problems can arise or become worse like obesity and diabetes (to name two).  

Many people are shocked when they use a carb calculator to analyze their dog's food that many commercial kibbles contain around 50% of carbs. That's 50% sugar. 



Most people don't know just how many carbs (i.e. sugars) are hidden in their dog's food.


Current labels could be improved by adding carb content to help dog parents make more informed decisions about what they buying.



At B&C, we know that if Big Pet Food has to label the carbs in kibble, it will be a huge win for dogs.  

When pet parents think they are doing the right thing by buying "grain-free" kibble but are unknowingly feeding their dogs food made of 50% carbs-turned-sugar, there is something wrong.   

We know that this AAFCO update is the result of pressure from people like you who are advocating for transparency with dog food.  

Change can happen in the pet food industry: we just have to make it happen, together.  



If this new AAFCO update goes through, we will be one step closer to full nutritional transparency when it comes to kibble. Which is awesome. 

We know how much misinformation there is about dog nutrition and that's why it's part of B&C's mission to educate pet parents about the dangers of kibble and the truth about dog nutrition. 

We believe people have a right to know what's in their dog's food. Always. 

HELP US PUSH FOR CHANGE by joining the B&C #RawFed community. With dedicated pet parents like you, the world can be a better place for dogs. 

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