How A Ketogenic Diet Is Helping Dogs With Cancer

Story takeaways:  

  • With 6 million new cases of canine cancer each year, many people are looking for a treatment that targets cancer at its core 

  • 30-40% of canine cancers can be prevented simply by diet 

  • KetoPet Sanctuary has had amazing success either reversing or eradicating cancer in dogs by using a strict Ketogenic diet 


There are certain phrases that you never want to hear.  

One of these phrases is: "your dog has cancer."  

Unfortunately, with around 6 million new cases of canine cancer each year, far too many dog moms and dads are hearing this phrase every day.  

At Bones & Co., this statistic saddens us because we know that: 

  • many, if not most cases of cancer are rooted in or made worse by a poor diet and other environmental factors. 

  • cancer is 5-10% genetic and 90-95% based on lifestyle and environment (source). 

  • focus on holistic, proactive measures like proper nutrition to cure cancer instead of reactive responses like chemotherapy can help many! 



Of course, there is a genetic component to cancer. 

HOWEVER, with rising disease rates and expensive therapies, many pet parents are left wondering:  

Is there something I'm missing?

Is there a simpler way to help prevent disease in my dog?

Or do I just have to wait and see?

The problem with saying that canine cancer is a purely genetic disease is that it leaves pet parents thinking that nothing they do can help their dog prevent developing cancer. This is not true.  

As Dr. Jean Dodds says, 

"Many studies show that certain nutritional ingredients have epigenetic targets in cancer cells. These ingredients can both defend against the development of many types of cancerous tumors as well as impact their progression. Astoundingly, scientists have concluded that 30% to 40% of all cancers can be prevented simply by implementing dietary changes." (source)

Given the fact that 30-40% of all cancers can be prevented based on diet, it is very hard to justify canine cancer as a purely genetic disease.  

And, when you think about it, it's no wonder that canine cancer is on the rise: with millions of dogs eating high-carb kibble, dogs' bodies are working overtime to process glucose (a cancer-feeder) that was never meant to be in their bodies to begin with. 

See: what we believe dogs should be eating

The good news: since there is such a strong link between proper nutrition and overall health, finding the best fuel (food) for dogs is one of the best ways to put dogs in a position to resist inflammation-based disease like cancer.  

And that's why B&C chooses to formulate Ketogenic dog food: we want to fight the battle against cancer the best way we know how: by feeding dogs, better.   


how cali the dog defeated cancer 

So, we know that there's a deep connection between a dog's overall health and what they eat.  

The amazing thing is: we've even started to use Ketogenic diets to help reverse, and in some instances completely eradicate a dog's cancer.  

Here's a quick story about a dog at KetoPet Sanctuary:  

"One of their most impressive success stories to date is that of Cali, a six-year-old Vizsla who underwent treatment at the KetoPet Sanctuary for hemangiosarcoma and, through the protocol, reversed six tumors and is now cancer free.

Following her successful treatment, Cali was officially adopted by Shannan and Ron and was entered in this year’s American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards in the Emerging Hero Dog category. The nomination was in recognition of Cali’s part in the research on nutritional intervention in the fight against cancer, the findings from which have promising applications for both people and dogs." (source)

Cali had one of the deadliest forms of cancer: hemangiosarcoma. This is an aggressive dog cancer with only a 10% survival rate in the first year (source).  

Amazingly, Cali was able to eradicate her cancer after being put on an aggressive Ketogenic diet.  

What Cali shows us is that the link between proper nutrition and overall health is very real.  

When we forget that nutrition is in and of itself a powerful medicine, we lose the opportunity to heal those we care about (like our dogs).  



In addition to Cali, the KetoPet Sanctuary has also had success combatting canine cancer in an entire group of dogs using a strict Ketogenic diet: 

"While not a cure, KetoPet has found the ketogenic diet to be effective in improving outcomes when treating canines with cancer. In fact, 55% of the dogs who graduated from the KPS program are still going for long walks, enjoying belly rubs, playing catch, and experiencing a quality of life far beyond their original prognosis. Some of these sanctuary dogs are even living cancer-free." (source)

It just makes sense: as canines, dogs are biologically meant to eat meat & fat and not carbs or sugar.  

So, when dogs are fed high-fat, adequate-protein diets (Keto), they are put in the best position to fight disease and starve cancer cells that feed off of glucose.  

The point: using what we know Ketogenic food and canine nutrition, there is hope for reducing rates of canine cancer. This is huge for pet parents everywhere. 



At B&C we are determined to fight this war on canine cancer, together.  

We started B&C in order to empower the next generation of raw feeders who see the alarming disease rates in our dogs and want to do something about it. 

Power to the Paws 🐾, 

Your Bones & Co. Tribe 

Have specific questions about your dog’s health? While B&C cannot give medical advice, we recommend seeking advice from a Holistic Veterinarian for your best furry friend (BFF). B&C is here to be a resource for you while you learn more about raw food, Keto, and dog nutrition!

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