For the Love of Dog, Feed Raw

The Power of Raw.

It just makes sense. By feeding your pup what nature intended your pet will live a longer healthier life. For thousands of years dogs have hunted for their food, eating a diet of primarily raw meat and bones. Not until the last 60 years have dogs started eating a highly processed, carbohydrate diet. It's no coincidence that our pet's health has suffered. Obesity, cancer, and periodontal disease have spiked the last few decades as kibble has become more prevalent. Just a few Benefits Of A Raw Diet:

  1. Improved Digestion
  2. Increased Stimulation
  3. Improved Skin and Coat
  4. Stronger Immune System
  5. Leaner Body Mass
  6. Smaller Stools
  7. Reduced Odors
  8. Allergen Reduction
  9. Holistic Health

Because a raw diet doesn't contain carbohydrates, isn't highly processed, and doesn't have preservatives your dog is set to thrive.

At Bones & Co, we take it one step further (because your dog deserves the absolute best). We balance our meals with 1:1 ratio of healthy fats and high-quality proteins. This Keto recipe shifts metabolism away from starches and sugars, and puts their body in an optimal metabolic fat-burning state called ketosis, just the way mother nature intended! If you are looking to take your Dog’s health to the next level, subscribe to our email here: JOIN OUR TRIBE and follow our Facebook & Instagram.

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Your Grateful Founder,
Ryan The Bones & Co.

Ryan Cummings