Small Dogs Rejoice!

                Made for smaller dogs under 25lbs

                Made for smaller dogs under 25lbs

Now Introducing: B&C Buffalo rib bones! 

What's the big deal? 

It can be ruff finding raw meaty bones sourced and raised responsibly for small dogs. To show respect to the little guys, we spent months looking for the best farmers we could find for these rib bones.  

You see, I know how busy you are. You're a dog mom (or dad), so of course you're basically a superhero dedicated to the health & wellness of your pup. It's our duty, and pleasure, to make that journey is easier for you. That's why these bones are a game-changer! 


But, how is this different from other options? 

Where do I start?! There are SO many reasons why Buffalo Rib Bones are great treats. Does your dog have allergies? Do you even THINK your dog has allergies? Buffalo is a novel protein, which means it can be awesome for dogs with allergies and sensitive tummies.  

And like I mentioned above, you have a lot on your plate. Now you have Buffalo Rib Bones to help keep your smaller dog mentally and physically stimulated. If your dog has ever shown signs of boredom (ie. digging, jumping up, chewing, acting out, barking), then they need something to do! Gnawing on raw frozen bones is a great way to satisfy your dog's innate desire to CHEW! 

Here are just a FEW more benefits (since you asked)  ;) 

  • Nature's toothbrush

  • Provides mental stimulation

  • Promotes healthy poo  

  • Packed with essential nutrients

  • No hormones, no preservatives, just raw goodness

WOW! My dog deserves these! 

Pawsome! Find these at your local pet store: Locate Here. We only sell through independently owned pet shops in Texas, California, Nevada and Louisiana. If you live in one of those states, and don't see these in your local pet store, just ask the staff!! They can usually order them for you. These are brand new, so some stores haven't had a chance to order them yet – and your reminder is appreciated! 

PS: That's yet another benefit of these bones... by purchasing them, you're supporting not one – but TWO small local businesses (our 2-person company and your neighborhood pet store). Win Win! 


Safe Chewing! 

Below are some tips on safe chewing for ANY raw bone: 

  • Always supervise chewing, and discard when meat/marrow is gone 

  • Always pick an appropriate size based on your dog (Bison Ribs are best for 25lb dogs and under) 

  • Never cook the bones, and do not serve cooked bones to your dog  

  • We love feeding our bones (supervised) in the backyard! Less mess! 

  • If your dog has restorative dental work/crowns/missing teeth, avoid feeding bones

  • Know your dog. If they are likely to try and gulp/swallow, bones may not be the best option

  • Always seek veterinarian (we love holistic vets) advice when needed! 


Show us some love! 

Nothing makes us happier than seeing pictures of your pups gnawing on our bones. Send your pics to so we can share with our awesome tribe!  

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Dogs Always, 

Rachel & Your B&C Tribe 

Bones & Co.