The Benefits Of A Raw, Fresh Diet For Dogs

Story takeaways: 

  • There are many benefits of raw, fresh food for dogs such as a shinier coat, better dental health, less dehydration, and more 

  • Raw fresh food for dogs is NOT a fad but a species-appropriate way to feed our dogs  

  • Proper nutrition can act as armor for dogs: it gives them the best possible to chance to fight against illness and disease in the long run 

The positive impact that a raw, fresh diet has on a dog's overall health and wellness is significant. 

What we eat (or what a dog eats) literally fuels us.  

  • If a dog's fuel (food) is inappropriate, low-quality, and nutrient-deficient (kibble), it just makes sense that their overall health will suffer.  

  • If a dog's fuel is appropriate, high-quality, and nutritious (raw food), it just makes sense that there will be an overall boost to that dog's well-being.  

Note: if you're wondering "What Is Raw Fresh Food?" Check out our article on that here.


For many dogs (and people!) overall health is largely impacted by diet and nutrition.  

When we give our dogs fresh, raw food (especially Ketogenic food), they have a good nutritional base to grow from.  

On a biologically-appropriate raw diet, a dog's system is naturally balanced and not working overtime to process harsh chemicals or carbs. When the overall ecosystem that is a dog's body can function properly, numerous health benefits arise: 

  • A shinier coat (from bioavailable nutrients in raw food)

  • Better dental health (from chewing on bones) 

  • Reduction in stool size (healthier gut biome = better digestion = healthier poop!) 

  • Offers better weight control (the body can regulate itself better) 

  • Less dehydration (raw food is REAL food with intracellular moisture

  • Reduced food intolerance (raw is real food, not Franken food) 

Additionally, while feeding raw in the short term is more expensive, feeding raw in the long term can actually help lower vet bills.  


If a dog is fundamentally healthy on the cellular level, then they are in the best metabolic position to fight disease.  

Being healthy overall is like a shield: even if something happens to a dog, they will be in the best position to bounce back from illness or disease.  


Nutrition Is The Best Protection 

We are currently experiencing an epidemic of canine disease: from cancer to diabetes to obesity.


We are currently in a WAR... 

against kibble

against the clock

& against cancer


At B&C, we believe that giving dogs the best food is our duty as pet parents.

Yes, going the extra mile for our dogs by feeding raw is more challenging than accepting the status quo of kibble: but that's the point. Dogs are so worth our love, so worth our time, and so worth our protection.  

So...we protect our dogs with everything we have because we know our dogs are worth fighting for.  


Become A Raw, Fresh Food Advocate 

While the day-to-day benefits of giving your dog raw food are incredible, it's important to remember that raw food is not a trend with "magical" health benefits.  

Dogs need raw meat as carnivores: this is a biological fact. The health benefits that dogs experience eating an appropriate diet stem from this scientific fact, not fad.  

So, if you're ready to see how a raw diet can transform your pup, JOIN THE FIGHT NOW by becoming a member of our #DogFoodRebel community.  

Because our dogs are worth fighting for.  

Dog Always, 

Your B&C Tribe 

Have specific questions about your dog’s health? While B&C cannot give medical advice, we recommend seeking advice from a Holistic Veterinarian for your best furry friend (BFF). B&C is here to be a resource for you while you learn more about raw food, Keto, and dog nutrition!

Bones & Co.angela