How Bones & Co. Is Different Than Anyone Else

Bones & Co.’s story, identity, and food philosophy begins with dogs and ends with dogs.  

We are more than a “company selling dog food.” We are: 

  • Rebels amongst the rebellious (we not only make raw food, we make raw, Ketogenic food) 

  • Dog-obsessed Austinites on a mission to change the world of dog food, one bowl at a time

  • True underdogs up against billion-dollar kibble companies 

We are not interested in fitting in, we are interested in standing out and standing up for our dogs.   

Our Food’s our big secret: we don’t make dog food. 

What we actually do is make real, fresh food for dogs crafted with metabolic integrity. 

Our dog food philosophy is that there is no difference between “dog food” and “people food:” there’s just optimal food and sub-optimal food.  

The best, most metabolically-appropriate food for dogs is Ketogenic raw that’s the food that we sell.  

It’s that simple.  

Regardless of whether or not Ketogenic raw food is a mainstream idea, regardless of the challenges that come with erupting the status quo of kibble, we make the best food for dogs, period.  

That’s how B&C differs from everyone else: we don’t think the food we give our dogs should be “convenient” or “easy,” we believe the food we give our dogs should be good.   


We stand up for our dogs by standing out from the crowd.

We do things differently because we believe in feeding our dogs the right way, not the easy way.


Why B&C? 

We don’t just talk the talk: we walk the (dog) walk.  

When we say we want to change the world one bowl at a time, we mean it literally through the quality of food that we craft. 

We know that a dog’s health can be significantly impacted by what they eat. That’s why we make the best quality food: to help dogs live their best possible life. 

All of our food is: 

  • Hand-packed in Texas about a day’s drive from Austin 

  • Made responsibly from grass-fed, cage-free animals 

  • Keto-friendly: our unique recipe helps dogs reach an optimal metabolic fat-burning state 

  • Made with MORE meat and NO fillers 

  • 95% meat, bones, & organs and 5% vegetables, vitamins, & minerals 

  • Made of USDA human-grade meat 

  • Crafted in micro-batches of 250 lbs to ensure unmatched quality and freshness 

….So, that’s what makes us different. 

Right now, no one else is doing what we’re doing.  

We are a one-of-a-kind grassroots tribe of Dog Food Rebels determined, no matter the cost, to do what is right for our dogs. 



When you support B&C, you not only help us grow…you help the entire raw, Ketogenic movement grow. 

You are so important because you are your dog’s advocate, voice, and guardian. Without you, your dog would be lost…and so would we.  

That’s why we’re asking you to JOIN US IN OUR FIGHT against the mainstream, against kibble, and against the clock in the battle for our dog’s lives. Together, we can stand out by standing up for the love of our dogs.  

Dog first and dog always, 

Your B&C Tribe 

Have specific questions about your dog’s health? While B&C cannot give medical advice, we recommend seeking advice from a Holistic Veterinarian for your best furry friend (BFF). B&C is here to be a resource for you while you learn more about raw food, Keto, and dog nutrition!

Bones & Co.