Announcing: Brand New Packaging!!

Follow us on a journey—a journey down your local pet store’s freezer aisle (or as your dog would call it, heaven-on-earth) to grab your next batch of B&C food. 

You walk in, turn to open the freezer, and see... 


Brand new, bolder & brighter bags holding the same paw-lickin’ B&C raw dog food.  


For us, changing our packaging is a big deal.  

Our new bags not only tell the story of B&C, but they tell the story of you: the brave, uncompromising pet parent choosing to give your furry family member the very best food.   

By updating our packaging, we are better able to emphasize: 

  • Our uncompromising commitment to going against the grain (literally) by choosing to feed our dogs fresh, metabolically appropriate food. MORE MEAT. NO FILLER.   
  • Our immense passion for educating people about the connection between what dogs eat and their overall health & well-being. Feeding our dogs the way Mother Nature intended. 
  • Our absolute devotion to helping dogs thrive instead of just survive by crafting Ketogenic, optimal fat-burning food for our dogs. KETO APPROVED.  


  1. COLORS: Our new, vibrantly-colored bags emphasize the freshness of our ingredients. Unlike other companies, we prep our food in 250lb micro-batches (no mass production) using responsibly-sourced ingredients. We believe this is something to celebrate in living color! 
  2. MESSAGING: We are unapologetic in our mission to help dogs live healthier lives by feeding them biologically-appropriate food.  We want our message to be heard loud and clear straight from the bag:  

Dogs are family members and deserve REAL MEAT (not paste) that is made-to-order just for them. 


Thanks to your support, The Bones & Co. is growing bigger and better every day! 
It's been a long time coming, but we are finally ready to stake our claim as the bold, passionate leaders of the Ketogenic raw dog food movement with all paws on deck. 

Look forward to receiving MORE Ketogenic content, MORE ways to help your dog live optimally, and MORE good food for your good dog.  

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Have questions about our new packaging? BARK AT US and we’ll be happy to answer them! 

For the 💗 of dog, 

Your Grateful Bones & Co. Tribe

Bones & Co.