Wearing Our Beliefs on Our Sleeve

In July 2018, we launched something HUGE. 



Updating our bags with KETO APPROVED was intentional.  

Putting this KETO stamp on the front of our bags meant re-working our design and our image. This is a risky move for a start-up, and we know it. 

As small as we are, we can't really afford to take this risk...but we did anyway.  

We did it because we value dogs over dollars, always. We know that staking our claim about how great Keto-friendly dog food is what's right for the sake of our dogs. 



Other companies have stayed away from creating a Ketogenic Raw Dog food because talking about Keto is challenging.  

It requires going against the grain, asking questions, researching evidence-based data, consulting with experts, and generally working harder than everyone else to figure out the truth about pet nutrition. It requires MORE work. 

  • Making life easier for people has never been our goal: that's what kibble companies do. 
  • Making life better for dogs has ALWAYS been our goal: that's what Bones & Co. does.  

Feeding fresh, raw, biologically AND metabolically appropriate food to our dogs requires ENERGY, MOTIVATION, and PASSION. It requires truly putting your dog's needs above yourself, sacrificing time and money in order to do so.  

We are Dog Food Rebels because we put our dogs FIRST...even if it involves taking a risk like changing our product packaging.  

Everything that we do, every decision we make, we do it for the love of dogs.  

BECOME A #RawFedUnderdog


Updating our packaging with KETO APPROVED is a reflection of our mission.  

We are passionate about educating & empowering brave pet parents who want to learn more about raw food, Ketosis, and dog nutrition. We are on a mission to put a STEAK (meat, yum!) in the ground for raw, Ketogenic dog food because we believe it's nutritionally the BEST thing for dogs. Join our email to learn more about the Keto lifestyle!

Are you ready to JOIN US? 

With 😍 from the B&C Underdogs

Bones & Co.