Midnight versus weight loss 

Brief Summary: 

Andrew adopted a small senior dog with a host of health issues. Working in a natural and holistic pet store, he was confident that starting with proper nutrition would help his new rescue… that was when Andrew learned about Bones & Co Keto raw dog food.  


“I'm really happy that I found out about Bones & Co, I feel like the quality of food combined with their outlook on pet nutrition is what helps them stand out.”
Andrew, Midnight’s dad

Midnight is a 10 year old Pomeranian Mix rescue who struggled with a heart murmur, joint issues, poor dental health and most notably was overweight which exacerbated his joint paint.  

Journey to B&C: 

Andrew spends his time as a free lance photographer, he is part of a natural pet store where he learned how to dissect ingredient panels and identify truly premium products. 

Andrew started Midnight on an air dried food which he felt was a step up from kibble, but Midnight still struggled with the same health issues and it seemed too rich.  

With a focus on healthy weight loss and improving Midnight’s heart murmur, Andrew tried raw dog food for the first time with his dog. Unfortunately, this other raw food did not agree with Midnight’s system. Trying multiple options, Andrew finally heard of Bones & Co raw food.  

Excited about the concept of low carb and high fat, Andrew hoped this would address Midnight’s weight issue and heart health. He started with Lamb, Turkey and duck with incredible success.  

Life Changing Results:  

Not only did Midnight start losing weight for the first time ever, but Andrew found that the portions were smaller than other brands because of the low carb, ZERO filler formula. Without those added fillers, Midnight experienced improved energy & healthy weight loss. Premium ingredients means feeding dogs less, which was a major plus for Andrew.  

Next Steps: 

There are too many dogs suffering like Midnight was, and it is our mission to share the power of fat forward fresh food with the world. Please share your brave B&C story with us, so we can inspire others.

Bones & Co.