Sky Versus Kidney & Liver Disease 

Brief Summary: 

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Ashley was desperate to help her dog, Sky, suffering from kidney and liver disease. When she was introduced to Bones & Co, her senior dog Sky completely turned around. 

“Almost a year later I go to the vet and they check her protein levels and the results come back as if her kidney and liver failure was actually getting better which is supposed to be impossible. And it’s because I switched her food over to Bones & Co.” 
Ashley, Sky’s mom 

Problem: Sky is a 12.5 year old Catahula Leopard Dog who was suffering with arthritis, kidney and liver failure.  

Journey to B&C:

Before B&C, Sky’s mom, Ashley, tried Science Diet, kibble and another brand of raw goat milk with no luck, zero improvement & diminishing hope.   

Ashley’s biggest fear was Sky crossing the rainbow, as they have been a duo for over 8 years. Sky is everything to her mom, and she is described as a little miracle dog because of the complete turnaround she experienced after changing her diet.   

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Like all B&C pet parents, Ashley never settled. She never gave up on Sky, even though so many things were going against them – time being one of them. Considered a fresh food advocate, Sky’s mom dug for solutions until she came across Bones & Co… 


Life Changing Results: 

After a recommendation by a holistic pet store, Ashley started feeding Sky Bones & Co Keto dog food. She started by feeding a variety of proteins, including B&C’s Turkey, Lamb and Beef.  


“Feeding B&C solved my dog’s problems...” 

In short time, Sky was different. She became active, and even playful again! This was surprising considering Sky’s senior age.  


“…I was constantly being told that it was time to put her down, but i never felt she was ready.”


After only 1 year, Ashley took Sky to the vet to for a check-up, and the lab results showed that Sky’s kidney and liver failure were actually improving! Her veterinarian explained this turnaround should be impossible.  

On top of these transformational results, Sky’s appetite improved greatly. A notoriously picky eater, she had zero problems or hesitation eating Bones & Co. 

“On a bad day, Sky will talk to you as if she’s trying to help you through it, she will come cuddle with you if she senses your sad, or she will just look at you with a more sincere expression in her eyes.” 


As B&C, we are proud of Ashley’s perseverance in vulnerable times. When our dogs are suffering, it’s challenging to see through the heart break and seek better options. This is why we do what we do.  

Next Steps: 

There are too many dogs suffering like Sky was, and it is our mission to share the power of fat forward fresh food with the world. Please share your brave B&C story with us, so we can inspire others. 

Bones & Co.