How Big is Too Big? 


Looking for an extremely effective way to enhance your pup's overall health & wellness?

Look no further, we have your back. Our raw meaty Beef Knuckle Bones are nutritious, meaty & delicious. As our largest raw bone option, it's a favorite of medium and larger dogs. But how big is too big?


Choosing the Right Size:

You are your dog's fiercest advocate, which makes your pup pretty dang lucky. Not all dogs have a sidekick (like you) willing to do the research and work to ensure they're happy & healthy.  


PS: We love the way you love your dog

You already know the massive benefits of adding raw bones in your dog's diet, from oral health to mental stimulation that dog's crave. 

But has anyone told you how to pick the right size? 


Here's a good rule of thumb:

Choose a raw bone that is equal to, or greater than, your dog's head! Many believe that you can't give a dog a bone that's TOO large, but you can absolutely give your dog a bone that's too small.  You do not want your dog to be able to easily swallow any bone pieces!

Now that you've picked your size, find a B&C freezer near you >



Safe Chewing! 

Below are some tips on safe chewing for ANY raw bone:

  • Always supervise chewing
  • These are recreational bones, which can be fed as a supplemental treat up to two bones per week 
  • Choose an appropriate size based on your dog
  • Never cook the bones, and do not serve cooked bones to your dog
  • We love feeding our bones (supervised) in the backyard! Less mess!
  • If your dog has restorative dental work/crowns/missing teeth, or is an aggressive chewer, avoid feeding bones. Know your dog.
  • If they are likely to try and gulp/swallow, bones may not be the best option
  • Raw bones are not meant for complete consumption, please discard when meat/marrow is gone or within 1-2 days
  • Always seek veterinarian (we love holistic vets) advice when needed!


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