What's On The Menu? An Overview Of B&C Products

We know, the first time you hear about feeding raw meat + bones to your dog can be a little shocking. 

I’m supposed to do what? Put raw meat into my dog’s bowl?

Why should I do this?....more importantly, how?

For the last 60 years, dog owners have grown accustomed to feeding their dogs kibble. According to Big Pet Food, kibble is the “norm” and feeding raw is the “fad”...even though hundreds of years of dogs eating raw meat indicate otherwise.  

At B&C, we’ve seen how many people are shocked when they find out how terrible high-carb kibble is for a dog’s health.  

Many pet parents want to make a change to fresh, raw food almost immediately. Despite this urge, we know that it can be challenging to start feeding raw. But that’s why we’re here! 

Today, we’re going to share about:  

  • WHAT to expect when opening that first package of raw meat 

  • HOW to open and serve B&C’s food 

  • WHERE you can find all B&C products 



Going to serve your pup their first meal of B&C raw meat can be a little nerve-wracking: 

What will the meat smell like?

Can I touch it?

Do I store it in the freezer or the fridge?

To calm any nerves, let’s walk you through opening your first bag of raw food: 

When you open the bag, you will smell: well, not much. Since B&C’s protein and food is all USDA human-grade, B&C patties smell just like any other frozen meat.  

When it comes to storing your food, here is an example process for keeping frozen patties fresh and ready-to-eat: 

  • Keep a few patties in the fridge & leave the rest in the freezer 

  • Move patties by hand from the freezer --> the fridge every other day, so that the patties have enough time to de-thaw but stay fresh 

OF COURSE, you have to be careful when handling any raw meat. After transferring the meat by hand, always wash your hands with soap + hot water. 



When you go to a local B&C store (FIND A STORE HERE), you can expect to find: 


6lb Meat Patties

Keto-friendly patties made from 95% responsibly-sourced meat, bone and organs & 5% vegetables, vitamins and minerals. 

These patties are perfect for larger dogs! Choose from 5 different proteins: 

  • Kickin’ Chicken 

  • Barkin’ Beef 

  • Dazzlin’ Duck

  • Paw Lickin’ Lamb

  • Temptin’ Turkey 


3lb Meat Minis 

These smaller patties contain the same ingredients, formulation, and protein options as the larger patties but are crafted for smaller pups! 


Recreational Bones 

Give your dog a bone -- it helps reduce allergy symptoms, acts as nature’s toothbrush, & provides mental stimulation for your dog.  

We have 5 different recreational bones: 

  1. New! Buffalo Rib Bones: small dogs rejoice! This novel, responsibly sourced bone is a huge win for your small dog (perfect for dogs under 25lbs).

  2. 2in, 4in, or 6in Raw Beef Marrow Bones: we offer different sized bones for different sized pups! See our guide on the importance of feeding the right sized bone.

  3. Raw Beef Knuckle Bones: for medium-large dogs who just can’t get enough meat!


Supplements and toppers 

Supplements are a great way to give your dog a BOOST.  

Goat Milk: have a picky eater? Goat milk helps with digestion, enhanced hydration, and contains healthy probiotics to soothe an upset stomach. 

Bark Boost: these delicious organic greens are cold-pressed allowing our furry friends to best digest them. Contains turmeric + ginger for powerful anti-inflammatory effects. 

Beef Bone Broth: strengthens joints and supports digestion. Slurp some up after a long, hot day in the sun for a hydration boost! 



Changing your lifestyle and your dog’s food can be nerve-wracking, but it doesn’t have to be.  

After reading about feeding raw for the first time + hearing about our products in-depth, it’s our hope that you feel confident and ready to take on raw feeding with B&C raw dog food.  

Now, we challenge you to make the move and continue investigating what being #RawFed really means. GET THIS INFORMATION by joining our tribe & staying up-to-date with all things raw food.  

Barks & Bones, 

Your Bones & Co. Tribe 

“Bark” - B&C Dogs

Have specific questions about your dog’s health? While B&C cannot give medical advice, we recommend seeking advice from a Holistic Veterinarian for your best furry friend (BFF). B&C is here to be a resource for you while you learn more about raw food, Keto, and dog nutrition!

Ryan Cummings