Chapter 1: Bones & Co. Is Born

In Memory of Murphy  

I'll let you in on a little secret: you've never heard a true underdog story until now.   

Sure, you've probably watched the movie Miracle or read about J.K Rowling's challenging life before her fame and success, but even these stories don't quite qualify as an underdog tale.  

Bones & Co.  was born in my kitchen, & comes from humble beginnings fueled by loss & a hope for better. This is our prelude...


I started out just like any other pet parent: doing what I thought was best for my dog. Before I began B&C and digging to find the truth about pet nutrition, I fed my dogs kibble.   

When my first dog Murphy passed away from canine cancer, I was in shock. My mind racing, my heart broken.  

Did I do something wrong?

How do dogs get cancer, anyways?

What I found changed my life forever. And it's my hope I can help you see the truth, too.   



When I fostered and rescued my second dog, Rigsby, from Austin Pets Alive, I was determined to become an even better pet parent than I was before, no matter the cost.  

I wanted to put Rigsby in the best possible position to live a long, healthy, cancer-free life.

After digging, researching, and basically spending ALL my time looking into cancer, disease, and dogs, one thing became painfully clear. What we feed our dogs has a major impact on their overall health and wellness.   

Feeding dogs biologically-inappropriate, carb filled kibble, made from dead or dying animals, can be detrimental to a dog's health. [Is Your Dog Eating Too Many Carbs?]

Why? Because it's not real food.   [Why?]

Once my eyes were opened to the truth about kibble, there was no going back.   



At first, I tried to change the kibble industry from the inside-out.   

I tried to reach out to major companies ask them why they were selling carb-filled, inappropriate food to our dogs.  

I tried to ask them why diseases like cancer, diabetes, and obesity were on the rise for dogs and what they were doing to address these issues.   

I didn't get a response.

After realizing I couldn't force the pet food industry to change, I decided to make the change myself.   

Starting in my kitchen, crafting food by hand from the best ingredients sourced responsibly, I began to feed Rigsby whole, natural, and species-appropriate foods.   

And guess what? He started to thrive.  



When neighbors, friends, and friends-of-friends started asking me to make their dogs the same food I was making for Rigsby, I knew I had to share my recipe with other people for the sake of dogs.  

I started out in farmer's markets, driving around in my old VW Van, sharing what I knew about dog nutrition with anyone who would listen.   

The fact that my handcrafted dog food is now being sold in stores in Nevada, Texas, California, and Louisiana is a dream come true.   

And as far as B&C has come, we're not done yet.    

As we enter into this new chapter of our underdog story, we are passionate about spreading the message that dogs deserve better.   


We're racing against    

billion-dollar kibble companies

misinformation about raw food

and the clock

in the battle for our dog's lives.   



We need all the paws we can get!   

JOIN US on our mission to shake up the pet industry by educating pet parents about the power of a raw, Ketogenic diet for dogs.   

You'll be joining a community of people who believe that dogs deserve better, always. Together, we know we'll be able to change the world, one dog bowl at a time.  

Your Grateful Founder,  

Ryan Cummings 

"Bark" -Rigsby

Have specific questions about your dog’s health? While B&C cannot give medical advice, we recommend seeking advice from a Holistic Veterinarian for your best furry friend (BFF). B&C is here to be a resource for you while you learn more about raw food, Keto, and dog nutrition!

“Thanks for reading!” -Rigsby

“Thanks for reading!” -Rigsby

Ryan Cummings